The Benefits of IT Project Management

Aug 15, 2019

Why is Project Management important?
Clients who are looking at the bottom line in terms of their business regularly ask us this question, and rightfully so. Project Management is often regarded as a luxury or a cost that they can do without. It is perceived as cumbersome or unnecessary bureaucracy that can get in the way of your business goals. If that’s true, then what is the big deal about Project Management?

Let’s face it, every organization struggles to keep up with rapidly changing technological advances. Every day it seems like there are more tools, more software, along with more advanced threats to our information infrastructure. Technologies seem to become obsolete more rapidly than ever before, so how can your organization stay relevant? How can your information systems foster innovation? How can you address and mitigate information security risks? How can you ensure that strategic goals are met?

What is a project?

Let’s say a company wants to increase its sales, without spending more than they already do on marketing. Or maybe due to lower prices a company needs to lower production costs in order to stay competitive. Perhaps a company wishes to develop a new product. These are all projects.

According to the Project Management Institute a project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. So, an example of a way to increase your sales is to implement a CRM system that improves customer service, develops lead management and gives you insight into your sales trends so you can foster customer retention strategies. The best way to implement this solution is to treat it as a project.

Time is money

Some might think that Project Management is an expense beyond their means. But the main advantage of Project Management is that it helps resolve problems quicker. It’s not a set of arbitrary processes, but rather a practice specifically designed to analyze your business needs, prioritize your resources and ensure they are used in the most effective way possible.

Efficiency is the bedrock of all operations and Project Management provides you with the tools that will help you achieve your goals, minimizing the time and money needed to do so.

How does Project Management ensure business success?

These are some of the techniques underpinning the success of projects guided by Project Management standards.

  • Strategic Alignment: Linking an organization’s structure and resources with its strategy and business environment, optimizes performance and minimizes misdirection of effort and resources.
  • Objectives and Focus: Following and executing a proper plan with clear goals and concrete deliverables.
  • Quality Control: Ensuring the highest standards are always upheld.  
  • Risk Management: Timely identification, management and mitigation of risks helps avoid issues and promotes cost avoidance.
  • Resource Management: Identification and management to of business resources in order to ensure their efficient use.
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs): Provide deep understanding of business processes, functions, and technology, keeping everyone in the project on the right track. 

Why engage an IT Project Manager?
Nowadays most organizations are faced with IT challenges that require embracing Project Management techniques in order to remain competitive and consistently deliver business value. An organization’s IT goals can include the need for software development, data management, implementing cybersecurity frameworks, and business analytics, among others.

We live in the digital era where information systems are the repository of the most important asset a business can have: data. This means that for a business to be successful in today’s landscape, you must not only have efficient systems of information that enable fast and effective communication, analysis and oversight over your company’s performance; but you also need to be able to protect those information systems. IT Project Management is key to the structuring, organization and implementation of the right solutions, ensuring an optimal approach, targeted to your specific needs.

Great Project Management means much more than delivering on time, on budget, and within scope; it unites stakeholders, creating a vision for success and of how to work together to achieve a common goal. When projects are managed properly, their positive impact reverberates beyond delivery.

So, the real question is: Why wouldn’t you engage an IT Project Manager?

Take control of your organization’s future and see tangible solutions.