Federal Program Management

Intervoice oversees and coordinates various processes and activities within state programs funded by the federal government to ensure they achieve their intended goals effectively and efficiently.

Our resources, subject matter experts (SMEs), and partners in different disciplines provide the following:

  • Grant Management
  • Business Process Strategy & Operations
  • APD Processing

Intervoice SMEs have decades of experience with large-scale federal programs.

Healthcare Subject Matter Experts

Intervoiceʼs Healthcare SMEs are individuals who possess specialized knowledge, expertise, and experience in the highly regulated system of requirements set forth by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). These experts have a deep understanding of specific topics within the healthcare industry, which can range from clinical practice to healthcare policy, administration, research, technology, and other relevant fields.

Business Process Strategy & Operations

Our consultants provide business process operation services encompassing a range of activities and functions that are crucial for the smooth and efficient operation of an organization. These services focus on managing and optimizing various processes within the organization to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.

Advance Planning Document (APD) Process

APDs are critical planning and management tools used by government agencies, particularly in the United States, to guide the development and implementation of large-scale projects or programs.

Intervoice has ample experience preparing these documents for Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS). These formal documents outline the objectives, scope, schedule, budget, and other key aspects of projects.

Intervoice's SMEs can assist in the preparation of the following documents:

  • Planning Advance Planning Document (PAPD)
  • Implementation Advance Planning Document (IAPD)
  • Advance Planning Document Updates (APDU)

Grant Management

Grant Management involves the processes and practices used by organizations, including government agencies and non-profits, to administer grants awarded to them for various purposes. Some essential components of our Grant Management services include:

  • Pre-Award activities
  • Award Acceptance & Setup
  • Financial Management
  • Compliance & Reporting
  • Close-out & Evaluation

Enterprise Project Management

Intervoice provides a full range of Project Management services that address all the crucial processes, roles, and responsibilities encountered in large-scale, strategic, and tactical business projects. Intervoice’s Project Management methodologies, based on the Project Management Institute's® standards and frameworks, apply a robust, yet flexible, repeatable set of controls and processes to directly plan, execute, and support Project Management activities.

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